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There is nothing more naturally beautiful and lasting than projects built with natural stone. When used in landscaping projects, natural stone can help you create a family retreat right in your own backyard. Natural stone can create wonderful effects. You can use stone on pathways, patios, walls and other areas. It moderates heat and cold by absorbing and retaining temperatures and it is long lasting if well chosen and properly installed. At Pava Inc our natural stone is obtained locally and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. As with our Pennsylvania Bluestone our natural stone is delivered within 24-48 from the time we receive the order. Trucking can be arranged by Pava Inc or you can send your own truck to our yard. For more formation or to place an order call 800-908-PAVA (7282)

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Colonial Blue Grey


Colonial FC

Colonial Lilac

Colonial Steppers

Delaware Boulders

Delaware River Rounds

Granite Cobble Stones

Natural Cleft Flagstone

Natural Quarried Steppers

PA Fieldstone Steppers and Boulders

Sawn Edge

Snapped Edge

Special Cut

Stand Up

Hawk's Nest

Thermaled Flagstone



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